Fashion & Advertising Textile Screen Printing

Silkscreen is one of the basic techniques for clothes branding. Textile silkscreen is the most popular and
widespread technique in the fashion print, as well as in the advertising one because of its relative low
cost in comparison to other techniques.
We can offer print up to 6 colours with max. field of print up to 45x65cm.



we have automatic machines MHM and ROQ with their respective intermediate dryers
and tunnel dryers for fixation, presses for folio placement and transfers with full preparation cycle from the films making to
photographing the patterns for print.


We offer almost all printing techniques:

aside the standart print with water-based inks we offer
effect prints and techniques like etching print /Discharge/, inflated embossed print /puff print/, high print
/rubber print/, print with silicon based inks, folio, glitters, metallics, perls and many more. We also offer
textile print with plastisol inks.


Main materials we print:

textile and knitwear,
cotton, viscose, polyester, mixed fabrics and fabrics with elastane.


We are suitable subcontractor for:

export-oriented factories,
manufacturers in the inner market
advertising and marketing agencies.


Main producs

kids fashion - t-shirts, bodysuits, dresses, knitted products, ...
women fashion - blouses, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, ...
men fashion - t-shirts, sweatshirts, bermuda shorts, ...
advertising - t-shirts, blouses, textile bags, aprons, ….



The technology of printing and our equipment can not offer manufacturing of single products with custom



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