Machine embroidery and application give opportunity for making different styles of decoration for clothes
which have lost their modernistic vibe.

It is especially suitable for knitted winter clothes as an additive to stamps, worksuits, for application of different
home decor products



we have embroidery machines and lasers for precise cutting of applications


Main materials for embroidery are:

textile and knitwear,
cotton, viscose, polyester, mixed fabrics and fabrics with elastane.


We are suitable subcontractor for:

export-oriented factories,
manufacturers in the inner market
advertising and marketing agencies.


Main products

fashion - fashion, casual, street

t-shirts, blouses, dresses, tunics, skirts, shorts, coats, bermuda shorts, beach shorts ….


clean embroidery and applications for t-shirts for active sport and leisure, sportsuits, jackets.

interiors - home decor

blankets, bedspreads, tablecloths, tablerunners, decorative pillows, bed sets and others.

advertising textile products

textile bags and mesh bags, aprons, kitchen gloves, handles, bath towels

working clothes

clean embroidery and applications for t-shirts, mants, worksuits, jackets



The technology of embroidery and our equipment can not offer manufacturing of single products with custom